Unorthodox: Miniseries (2020)

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Unorthodox: Miniseries (2020)

Unorthodox: Miniseries 2020 TV Shows Live Stream Online

Genre: Drama
Network: Netflix
Air Date: Mar 26, 2020
Directed By: Maria Schrader
Written By: Anna Winger, Alexa Karolinski

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What it’s about: Unorthodox is a four-part miniseries loosely based on Deborah Feldman’s 2012 memoir by the same name. It’s the story of Esty (an excellent Shira Haas), who at 19 leaves her husband of one year, Yanky (Amit Rahav), for the unknown world outside her ultra-Orthodox enclave in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Life in that community is all she’s ever known and, in many ways, all she’s ever loved. But driven by desperation, she boards a plane for Berlin, where her mother Leah (Alex Reid) lives. When she leaves, Esty’s not quite sure what she’s searching for. She just knows she can’t keep living the way she has been.